January 23, 2007

Parts Pricing

This is not especially well organized, but I’ve put it online to help answer questions about the costs of specific parts (for those folks who
either don’t want a complete kit, or just want to mix and match on their own). If you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop me a line and I can let
you know what the deal is. PARTS DEALS ARE ONLY GOOD WITH FRAME PURCHASE (sorry for the all caps, I keep getting bugged about parts from folks who
aren’t frame customers). Prices subject to change at any time, contact me to confirm.

Looking for parts for a road bike? Drop me a line. I’m mostly a mountain bike guy, so I don’t list those prices online.

New! Build kits are online again:
Dirtbag SS
Dirtbag Geared

Dream SS
Dream Geared

I have been unable to keep up with the detailed parts pricing, as prices change rapidly and there are a TON of options. If you have a question about what a part or bike will cost, please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to give you a quote.