January 14, 2007

Framebuilding Philosophy

Here’s what I aim for when building a frame, in order of importance. Of course, your preferences may vary from mine, and as long as I don’t think you’re asking for a frame that will get you killed, I’ll build whatever your little heart desires (as long as it’s not a tandem or a tall bike…)

To me, reliability means NEVER having to worry about your frame (or fork). I use the highest quality materials and processes to make sure every frame is rock solid. If you manage to break a Waltworks frame (in normal riding conditions!), your next one is on me. If you wrap your frame around a tree, I may be less sympathetic, but we’ll figure out a way to get you back out on the trail with minimal cost and hassle.

A fancy frame is no good if it doesn’t fit you. I will NOT sacrifice fit for *anything* – not weight, not cost, not style. If you aren’t in a good biomechanical position on your bike, 50 grams is not going to win you any races or let you have more fun on the trail. If you’re a big person, I’ll build you a 29″ wheel mountain bike (or if you’re really big, a 36″ one!) If you’re little, I can make you a 24″ mountain or 650c road frame. You will be comfortable on your bike – which means that you’ll go faster and have more fun.

I’ll build your bike to handle and feel the way you want it to. It’s as simple as that. If you want a twitchy New England log-hopping devil bike, that’s what I’ll build you. If you want to cruise the Marin fire roads at 40 mph, I can build you a bike for that (or anything in between) as well. Rigid? Hardtail? Full suspension? I can do it all, and I have years of experience matching bike geometry and design to riders of every size and ability and their favorite terrain all over the world. Not sure what you need or what you want? I love to geek out via email, phone, or over a beer down the street from Waltworks World HQ at Beehive pub about any and all aspects of frame design. I’m happy to educate you about anything that isn’t clear, and I’ll work with you to find the perfect design.

Customer Service:
Want pictures of your new frame in the jig? Want to pick my brain about how best to spend your hard-earned money on parts? Need a new set of wheels after a few years of thrashing? I’m happy to help. I have pro racing experience going back more than a decade, I’ve been on national championship podiums, and I’ve ridden all over the place on almost every kind of bike you can imagine. If you’re looking for a complete bike, I feel my job is to be a bicycle concierge – making sure you get *exactly* what you want and need, down to the smallest detail. I can help you make sure your bike fits both your needs and your budget, and give you some fun insight into the process of designing and building a custom frame at the same time.

And yes, if you ask nicely, I might even post something about your bike on the blog. And possibly make fun of you at the same time. 🙂