March 26, 2007

Vacation update and good news on Arkansas mountain!

We haven’t bothered taking any vacation pictures so far, but the riding is great. We rode San Juan trail in Orange County (the OC!) yesterday and I have to say it’s solidly in my all-time top 10. A 3200 foot climb! And then, a 3200 foot descent! Sarah showed the local boys how it’s done and dropped everyone on her rigid bike, going up AND down. The trail is pretty much as flowy and fast as possible – we actually saw a couple of guys on downhill bikes, which is hilarious – we had no trouble cleaning everything, at speed, on fully rigid bikes. It would be a good trail to ride a BMX on, but not a DH bike. But whatever. Great trail, ride it if you get a chance. Weirdly enough, we only saw 3 or 4 other riders, TOTAL. On a Sunday afternoon!

Here’s the latest on the Arkansas mountain situation:

In short, there’s a decent chance the trails will survive their incorporation into Boulder Open Space in some form. Great news! Thanks to everyone who emailed the BCPOS folks, as well as those who made it to the meeting.