June 20, 2007

Sleeping through the afternoon?

Just FYI, for folks who have tried to call me – I’m sick (or else I’ve not been sleeping enough). Tried to go riding with Fuentes, Jung, Nick, and Sarah, and got totally dropped as I poured sweat trying to fight my way up a climb that’s normally easy for me (see how happy I look in the photo?) – I bailed out and came home, then proceeded to sleep for the entire afternoon. I still feel pretty dazed, and I didn’t get squat done, so hopefully I can get some good work done this evening. If you emailed me or called me, try me back tomorrow – I’m planning to just hang out and work/rest as much as possible, so I’ll be right next to the phone all day.

What an exciting blog post, eh? Bet you’re glad you wasted that 1 minute of your life reading this…Here’s a couple of pictures of the rest of the ride that I missed out on.