July 27, 2007

Monarch Crest trail off limits to bikes?

Click here for the article from the Rocky Mountain News.

Sounds crazy to me – they admit in the article that the majority of users are mountain bikers, they don’t report any user conflict (we’re talking about a trail that’s above treeline a significant amount of the time, and which requires thousands of feet of climbing, after all – it’s not ever going to get that crowded), and they complain that it might not be safe to take a horse pack train though?!? I mean, wouldn’t the bikes just yield to the horses as normal? Why should someone who wants to drag 30 horses in a line through the trail take priority over bikers? I don’t get it.

In any case, f*cking bombard these idiots with public comments, eh? The address is at the bottom of the article (but note that the mailto link isn’t right), or if you’re too lazy to read that far, send comments to: