August 15, 2007

No fun pictures today

I’m back on the bike at 90% or so, though I’m still kinda slow on the downhill, due to the shoulder being pretty weak. I’m going to have to do some exercises before I hit the climbing gym this winter to rehab, that’s for sure.

Good longish ride with Steve Z this morning – we’re both used to riding with larger groups and/or slower riders, so I think we both surprised ourselves with how thrashed we were after 3 hours of hammering. Haven’t ridden that hard (other than racing) in quite a while. I thought I was pretty hardcore doing my 3 hour ride, but Sarah actually took the 6:50 bus to Ned (I was on the 8:10) and only got back at 1. That’s a solid 5 hours. Damn, girl…

We’re off to New Mexico to ride some of my old favorites (Quemazon, Pipeline, Guaje Ridge, Winsor, Dale Ball, Captain Jack’s) and some new stuff that McCalla plans to show us (Raven’s Ridge?). Should be fun times. We’ll be gone from tomorrow (Thursday) through Sunday night, so don’t bother trying to call – my phone will probably not work at my dad’s place. I probably won’t check email either, so don’t expect a reply until Monday if you send one.

I promise I’ll take some pictures in NM and post ’em.