December 21, 2007

Random picture of the day – Chris’ new frame

Sometimes things just look neat. The camera didn’t entirely capture it, but the coloring of this chainstay weld was really pretty, I thought. And so I decided to share it with the world. Chris, you can sleep well tonight knowing that at least one part of your bike is pretty. Let’s just hope I remembered to finish welding the other chainstay, eh?

When I first started building bikes, welding the chainstays was the scariest and hardest part of the job, because chainstays are A) (relatively) thin walled, and hence easy to blow holes in, B) expensive, at least as far as bike tubing goes, C) being welded to something pretty thick (thin to thick is never easy, because one part wants to suck up most of the heat), and D) in a tight spot that’s hard to see and reach with the torch. So I ruined a few chainstays before I got the hang of it. But now they’re my favorite part of the bike to weld up, for whatever reason. Go figure.