January 20, 2008

Pretty and Strong

Built a fork for Margo over at Luna Cycles a few months ago, and now I finally saw a picture of the finished product. Pretty sweet, check it out! I especially like the smart setup on this bike – comfy saddle, nice non-back splintering flat bars sitting up high, solid disc brakes – a really sensible comfy bike for riding anywhere on, whether for fun or to commute.

I see WAY too many people out on the bike paths in Boulder struggling along on their Lance-approved Madones and C50s who really need a hybrid, because they’ll never, ever want to ride in the drops, and they’re never, ever going to do a race. Flat bar road bikes make a ton of sense for a lot of people, but for some reason they’re never popular. I’m a fan, though. Give me a bike that’s comfortable and slow any day over a bike that’s uncomfortable and fast – though of course, the whole point of what I do is to provide both.