May 21, 2008

Chris’ new bike, and the bag

First off, here’s Chris’ new roadie. Full SRAM Red, DT 240 wheels, optional zoot suit (not pictured), the works. Plus some really swanky Forte brand pedals and bar tape (wow, is that stuff crappy…)

It fits me almost perfectly. I’m really, really tempted to steal it. But Chris already paid for the darn thing. Doh.

As nice as the Red parts are, the amount of waste packaging that I threw away while building the bike up was *astounding*. Here’s the best part – every single part has a little cloth/satin baggie with a drawstring. “What’s this?” I wondered to myself – “spare parts and screws? How thoughtful!” Then I opened the baggies, and discovered that, yes, they are protecting…


Yep, it’s made of paper. It’s not in any physical danger from anything but water or fire, and the bag is susceptible to those same things. Every single part comes with its own baggie and manual. Nice.

Now, in my opinion, if you can afford a $3500 custom bike with a full Red grouppo, you *probably* own a computer. And you probably also could, like, use it to look up the user’s manual info online, if you wanted to. I also imagine, though, that most of the folks riding this kind of stuff are either hotshot mechanics, or having the bike built up by a hotshot mechanic, so they’ll probably never even look at the manual anyway.

Bottom line: I put almost 10 pounds of cardboard, paper, and plastic in the recyling today. What a waste. Shame on you, SRAM.