May 2, 2008

Some days, you just can’t win

Yesterday sucked. Of course, all of it was my fault, but still:
-It was snowing. In May. Stupid Colorado weather. Ok, this one wasn’t my fault.
-I left my townie outside overnight. So of course, the cheap foam saddle got soaked and I had to ride around with a plastic bag over it all day. Classy.
-I left the car windows down. It’s not like I really drive it regularly, so when I left them down, it was 80 degrees and sunny. Of course, I actually had to drive somewhere, so my butt got soaked anyway.
-I forgot to put a front derailleur cable stop on poor Dennis’ frame. After rushing through the process of building him a replacement frame after DHL killed the first one, I managed to forget the cable stop before it went to the powdercoater. Nice work, Walt.
-I was wicked hung over (again, my fault, I was out late drinking with the Avery crew, which is always a really bad idea, but it was their 15th anniversary, and the new “15” special brew is pretty awesome…)

On the plus side, weather is supposed to be decent this weekend, so maybe if I prevent my self from drinking too much tonight, I will actually get a chance to enjoy some riding…