September 26, 2008

2 posts in one day! $84 tires?!?

Some of you have heard about this new tire from Schwalbe. I find their bombast to be quite entertaining, and furthermore I have a prediction about that tire: nobody who starts a race on it will finish said race. Unless it’s a course consisting entirely of grass, or (smooth) pavement, or everything has been covered with a 6″ layer of felt and astroturf.

Heck, my fat 150# self can flat a 600g Ignitor at the Boulder short track (very smooth) by punching holes in the casing – I can’t even imagine the kind of damage you’d do to this thing. It’s almost 200g lighter than tires that I consider hilariously unreliable (Stan’s Crow, Kenda Karma, etc).

They probably should call it the “Hillclimb Harry” or “Puncturing Phil”.

Every Schwalbe tire I’ve ever used has sucked unbelieveably. I imagine this will be no exception. They’ll sell a ton ($83.55 for ONE TIRE?!?) to the sport-class weightweenies, though.

Also probably to Nick, who is an honorary sport class weightweenie and also has to have at least one pair of every knobby tire ever made.