December 22, 2008

Goodbye, cruel world

I spent a lot of time sweating in this helmet, getting passed by faster enduro riders. Also crashing. A lot. It’s almost 10 years old and arguably hasn’t been safe to ride in for the last 8 or so of those years, plus I haven’t owned a dirtbike since about 2002 or so when I sold my last KTM. But damn it makes me sad to throw it away.

I still have my Sidi moto boots in the closet. I’m never giving them up. Too many fond memories. Probably. I do have way too much junk. Maybe I’ll post a pic of my old Sidi dominators sometime. Those are some seriously trashed shoes, and I still can’t manage to get rid of them.

BTW, everyone who ordered T-shirts: the shirts got here on Saturday night, so I just shipped them out. I’m assuming they will *not* make it in time for Xmas. So if you intended to give one as a gift, my apologies. I got them out as fast as I could.