December 19, 2008

Guess who built a new tube bender…

Thanks to several people (mostly on the MTBR Framebuilders forum) for ideas – I built a sweet, really accurate, adjustable bender that I can use with my mill vise, and here’s the first set of s-bend seatstays (something I previously didn’t do because of the shortcomings of my old bender).

It cost me an afternoon of futzing around, but all the materials came from the scrap bin, so I’m calling this a big win. I’m sure I’ll be screwing up plenty of stays with it until I get the hang of things, but this first set came out quite nice.

I realize that this is the unprecedented 5th or 6th consecutive bike post. I promise a recipe or something else irrelevant this weekend, mmmmkay?

Edit: I almost forgot: HUGE thanks to Rusty for loaning me his jigsaw. This project would not have worked without it. I think the evidence will show that I’m the crappiest woodworker on the planet, but having a good saw helped a lot.