December 5, 2008


So apparently Eszter has tagged this blog, and now I have to write six random things about myself that most people don’t know. Seeing that anything beats doing being in the shop when it’s 8 degrees, here we go:

-I once had a huge beard and a semi-afro. Here I am looking at all the mail from colleges during my junior year of high school. No, I did not get a lot of dates.

I was, however, obviously ahead of my time, since I looked like a retro grouch even before I owned a decent biycle! Too bad about the mustache part, though…

-I am a high school dropout (I went for a little over 2 years, then quit). I actually had to take the GRE (when I was in graduate school!) to get a job at Los Alamos National Lab.

-My legal name is Justin – my nickname comes from 5th grade, when (due to a growth spurt that showed up early) I was dominating the schoolyard football league, mostly by dint of having 40 pounds on everyone else. My ego swelled to titanic proportions, causing my friends to start referring to me as “Walter Payton the Second”. The name, while now shortened, has stuck.

It’s worth noting that said growth spurt came to a sputtering halt shortly thereafter, and my 9th grade, I was the scrawniest beanpole you’ve ever seen (5’11” and 120 pounds, baby!) Joining the swim team added almost 40 pounds of muscle in under 2 years, though.

-I’m allergic to wool socks. Or, to be more accurate, every time I try to wear wool socks, my feet swell up and turn red and itch like crazy. Weirdly enough, I can wear wool pants or sweaters just fine.

-My great uncle is Robert A. Heinlein, the famous science fiction writer.

Ok, so I know this waste of time needs to spread further. I tag:
Steve G