December 13, 2008

What on earth is happening to MTBR?

So I know online ads don’t always make much sense. Those folks who frequent MTBR get bombarded with dating service ads, bike shop/part ads, bike event ads, and outdoor industry ads (ie, REI, EMS, etc). Most of the ads are at least vaguely relevant to bikes and outdoorsy folk. Or geeky bike guys who are lonely and desperate for a date, which as I recall from my college bike-geek days, is about 95% of them.

But lately, things are getting a lot weirder. This site has been popping up on the right side of the MTBR screen for weeks now. Check it out. Seriously. It’s hilarious.

Mmmm. Ponzi schemes. What’s next, online ads for Dr. Galveston’s Magical-Fantastical general-purpose healing draughts? Are we regressing to the 19th century here? Should I expect to see a popup ad for a perpetual motion machine scheme next?

Then again, as I previously mentioned, 65% of Americans don’t know what 25% of 8 is, so maybe this fellow is onto something with his Ponzification. Might be a good gig to look into if I get tired of building bikes.