December 18, 2008

Who says I don’t do drugs? I mean, uh, lugs?

Steve Garro-inspired seat lugs seem quite popular already – I think they’re cool because they make the seat tube area really indestructible (and require practically zero reaming by me), and folks seem to like the look, too. Side benefit – I can select the exact butt lengths on both ends of the seat tube, so there’s material exactly where I want it.

Here’s the first one back from powdercoat (well, excluding my old-man CX bike, anyway). Yes, the color is extremely metro, but that’s what this particular bike is for anyway – cruising to work in Albuquerque NM. I was worried that my lug brazing skills weren’t up to the challenge and that there’d be a little air pocket or some burned flux messing things up, but she came out super nice!

For the weightweenies out there: yes, the lug adds about 30 grams. I think it’s worth it, but if you want a standard non-lugged seat tube, I will of course do it that way.