February 13, 2009

Beer Review: Upslope Pale Ale, AKA Looking Gift Horses in the Mouth

That’s right, it’s a beer review. No bike content today. Tune in on Monday for the end of the seat sleeve excitement – if you dare!

So in exchange for helping him assemble his new 5″ travel “watch the Brit die spectacularly” 29er, Redcoat brought me over a bottle of wine (as yet unopened) and a sixer of the pale ale from Boulder’s newest Brewery – Upslope.

So last night I drank a couple of them, whilst watching “Lost” with some folks from Sarah’s lab.

And it’s terrible. I feel kinda bad saying that – I like local breweries, I want these dudes to succeed, I love having more beer options, but, it’s awful.

It reminds me most of someone pouring half a bottle of Avery IPA (one of my personal favorites) and half a bottle of Icehouse into the same glass. A little bit hoppy, a lot cheap and funky tasting. The fact that it’s in a can, to me, doesn’t help, but pouring it into a glass didn’t make any difference.

To be fair, I’m a hoppy beer guy, and this beer is very low on the hoppiness scale (at least for a Pale Ale). Upslope also makes an IPA which might be better. But given that Avery is about 1/2 mile from my front door, I think I’ll stick with the reigning champion of Boulder breweries for now.

As a side note, I have a Thomson 31.6mm x 330 Masterpiece seatpost that was accidentally shipped to me for sale. $85, shipping included. Drop me a line if interested.