March 19, 2009

The end of the dream?

So soon? It’s looking like my goal to storm the Winter Park Hillclimb is already in serious doubt – I came down with a cold 2 weeks ago, which has now transformed itself into double pneumonia. Lovely. Aside from the lack of getting *more* fit, all the inactivity has also allowed me to gain back 3 or 4 pounds (and no, I’m not interested in trying to starve myself while sick). So it’s looking like I’ll be starting over from scratch when I’m finally able to ride again in a week or two (assuming the antibiotics work with relative alacrity, that is). 2 months of riding the d*&! trainer and suffering in the cold… for nothing.

The thing that really sucks about the whole situation is that I’ve been here before – pneumonia (3 times in a single year) was what originally killed my ambition to be a “serious” bike racer. I could always maintain mid-pack fitness, and I could train a bit and be a LOT faster – enough to be duking it out with the really fast folks. But both years that I actually got fast, I almost immediately got sick, and stayed that way for months at a time. I’d rather be slower and able to ride than fast and sick all the time, so I gave up on racing in any even vaguely serious way.

I was hoping that some of the reason for the repeated illnesses in the past was my crappy nutrition and generally unhealthy bachelor lifestyle (not enough sleep, too much fun, etc). But I eat well now, and sleep enough, and am married to the lovely Sarah.

Apparently I just have a crap immune system, or the worst luck on earth.

I’m not giving up yet, but my confidence has really plunged.

Sheesh. I should just retitle this post “pity party”. My life could suck a lot more, that’s for sure.