April 29, 2009

A dark day indeed…

Well, today I was beaten in a bike race by someone half my age. Damn you Skyler!

The Fort Fun STXC is getting popular – they had to make a separate category for the elite/pro folks (or like me, folks who once were) this week, and a solid 20-25 showed up to race. Got my usual crap start, watched Alders and Schriver get away on the first lap, and then watched them keep that gap despite my efforts the rest of the time. Oh, and there were a couple people in between who managed to out-sprint me on the final lap, including my 16-year-old nemesis. They paid out 5 deep and I was 6th. Drat. Coulda paid for a burrito…

Oddly enough, the course was 95% identical to the one they used 2 weeks ago. I’m hoping they don’t do that again – gets hard to motivate if the course is the same every week. I can ride in circles for 30 minutes and call it “fun”, but it gets harder and harder to convince myself if I’m riding in the same circles every week.

Redcoat did his obligatory early season fast lap, blowup, slow laps, recover, fast final lap thing. Ben had a solid race and finished somewhere in the teens, and I think that was all the Waltworks guys.

There’s word that there will be a semi-underground race in Laramie this Saturday, so we may make the drive up to Happy Jack for it. We’ll see.

Oh, and finally, Josh is rebuilding our bathroom for a bike frame. Here he is in all his glory tearing out the rancid crap that passed for a shower. Yes, that means I’m currently stewing in my own dried sweat. Please, Martin, let me use your shower tomorrow!