May 5, 2009


I’m really, really bummed. It looks as if I not only won’t break the hillclimb record, I won’t even get to *race* it.

No, I didn’t hurt myself or get swine flu.

Long story short, Sarah’s dad bought us tickets to fly out to Bend for a week for her brother’s graduation. He did not consult with us about the dates before buying them, though, so we don’t get back until the 13th. The race is in the morning, and we’ll be landing at DIA right about when they’re handing out the awards. Bummer.

So yeah, I bailed on the record attempt, I guess. I’m pretty pissed, but changing the tickets would cost $400. I’m not *that* pissed.

Sadly, I think I might have had a shot, too. I did Logan Mill in 17:45 to the summit yesterday, which is a good 10-15 seconds or so faster than my old record from back when I was young and fit. And that was my first go at it this year, and I was wearing a freakin’ camelbak! Needless to say, I was shocked and pleased. But it looks like that fitness will end up being for nothing.

Then again, they say that it’s really about the journey and not the destination, and having the goal really helped me stay focused on getting in good shape this winter. I’m climbing and riding as well as I ever have, which is really a nice feeling.

Is it too soon to start talking about next year?