May 12, 2009

Logan Mill: 17:28


Well, ok, so I mostly went faster, I think, because I wasn’t carrying a ton of crud in a Camelbak. I actually felt like crud for most of the climb. Still, the fastest I’ve ever done it. I have a feeling that the 17 minute mark could fall, but I’m not going to be able to get any more gains from leaving stuff at home – I almost froze to death coming back down 4mile canyon because I didn’t even bring a jacket. I guess I could leave my tube/pump/multitool at home too, but that’s going a little far – I don’t want to walk back to Boulder, personal record or no.

I could stash my clothes at the base and ride naked…
Now that you’re all thoroughly disgusted, here’s something (sort of) neat that I built for my Welsh friend Gumby recently. That’s right – it’s a lugged crown road fork. Something I really thought I’d never do. But in this case, it fit the bill to do what he needed, and it came out quite well, actually. I did learn that you have to dimple the fork blade on this type of fork to allow a 160mm brake rotor (yes, it’s a disc fork) to clear the fork blade. Goofy. I have yet to decide if I’ll offer these as an option – honestly, I don’t build that many road bikes anyway, and almost everyone who gets one wants a carbon fork. I will probably build a few more for myself/friends and make sure they’re working like I want and coming out straight and such, and then think about selling ’em.