May 5, 2009

We have a weiner!

Erm, I mean winner.

Blake, step up to the podium (well, metaphorically, anyway) – you’ve won the prestigious design contest!

I’m not going to go into too many details about why I chose the way I did, but briefly, Blake’s entry is professional looking but still fun, easy to understand, and the right shape to fit well on a bike frame tube. It plays nicely off of the old WW logo while adding something new. Great work!

I’ll do my best to have these in production in the next few weeks and they’ll start going on bikes as soon as the guys at Victory Circle graphics can make them (btw, Blake, send me a vector-format version if you could).

I’m also giving an honorable mention/runner up award to Sandy – I thought her entry was the most purely creative and interesting, though it also requires a bit too much explanation. I don’t have enough customers (or possibly any?) fluent in American Sign Language, or you would have won, Sandy!

Blake, I’ll be discounting your frame (which I’ll be building soon!) as your prize. Sandy, you’ve got a 10% discount available if you want to use it, anytime for the next year.

Thanks to everyone for their excellent entries.