July 14, 2009

29er downhill bikes article at Bikerumor

They clearly didn’t do their homework, as both Alex Morgan (BCD) and I have been making them for years, but it’s an interesting article. Click here to read it.

I think it’s interesting, also, that most of the answers that are given are from a racing viewpoint (ie, slower acceleration, etc). In my view, the focus on selling race bikes (whether that’s a V10 DH sled or a Top Fuel XC bike) is a dumb one, because most people don’t race at all, and most of the folks who do race don’t do it “seriously” to the point that a race-oriented bike is their best choice. Race bikes are fragile (yes, even the DH ones), expensive, and only really useful to fit, fast, serious racers. For everyone else who does a couple of races a year and drinks beer with their buddies afterwards (or beforehand…) riding a comfortable, predictable bike that won’t fall apart on the trail and that they’re familiar with is a better choice.

I see a place in lift-assisted riding for 29″ wheels, and I’m excited about the new WTB 2.5 knobbie tire. Maybe I can finally stop gluing old innertubes inside my Nevegals!