July 12, 2009

Eszter’s butt in Velonews

If you’re into that sort of thing, you can see the picture here.

Nice one. Best of all, she wasn’t actually in the race. Given that the entry fee was an astounding $1,000, I was pretty surprised when I first saw that picture. But now it all makes sense.

As an aside, $1000 to do a 5-stage bike race? That seems like a little much to me, but apparently they got 140 people to do it, so whatever. All I know is that $1000 would buy me a pretty darn nice weeklong riding vacation in Crested Butte, or Bend, or somewhere else really sweet, plus all the beer and food Sarah and I could handle. I think I know which option I’d pick there. Racing is fun, but it’s not fun every freakin’ day. At least not to me. And this summer, it’s really only fun on Wednesday nights at the short track.