September 22, 2009

Good times

First off, if you want to see what I was up to this weekend, read Eszter’s post.

Back into the swing of things today. And best of all (I love it when this kind of thing happens) I found that some old disc tabs (which I purchased by mistake almost 5 years ago) which won’t fit *anything*, DO fit on some forks I’m working on with an unusual-ish dropout (a 1″ version of a 1 1/8″ dropout I use pretty often). Bonus! It’s like making an extra $8 per fork (well, if you discount what I originally paid for the damn things…)

Sorry about the _4_ parenthetical bits in there. Wow. That’s some terrible writing.

Back to bikes…

I’m such a packrat that I always have to make a conscious effort to think about dropouts, or tubes, or random parts that I already have that will work for various projects. More often than not, thanks to my massive stockpile of tubes and other framebuilding supplies, I have something for even the weirdest need.

Here’s a picture of the disc tab itself.