September 10, 2009

Save Apex!

Or more specifically, save Enchanted Forest.

For details, click here.

Long story short, someone decided it would be a good idea to make Enchanted forest one way – UPHILL. Uh, no. Nobody wants to ride up that. And I’ve never heard of there being a conflict. Ain’t broke, don’t fix. Pretty simple.

If I wanted to rant, I’d point out that *simply enforcing existing rules* would solve all the user conflicts on the trails. Put rangers out there, issue tickets for failing to yield, dogs off leash, whatever. Making more rules isn’t helpful if everyone knows there’s not going to be any enforcement. Boulder has this problem in spades – lots of money spent on signage and committees to develop recommendations, loads of rules, and absolutely no enforcement. Would it be that hard to hire a couple more rangers, put them on mountain bikes, and have them ride around at busy trails on the weekend?

Sigh. This is what happens when you live 30 minutes from a big city.