September 6, 2009

Some terrible pictures…

…of James’ frame/fork (no, James, that’s not your stem, it’s one I made a long time ago and stuck on to hold the fork).

This bike is a bit unusual in that you can actually fit a 2.1″ 29er tire in there with 425mm chainstays (16.75″) and in fact you could even fit a front derailleur (a bottom pull M750 series would work best, though). Not relevant in this case, since it’s a singlespeed, but it still shows a bit of what’s possible if you tweak things a bit. In fact, you could go even shorter on this type of setup (about 10mm shorter) but you’d need to run the chainring on the outer position on the cranks, and we wanted to leave the option to use a bashguard here.

If you look closely at this second picture, you can figure out one of the things I did to get some extra tire clearance.