October 11, 2009

Nice work Eszter!

It *appears* (the results are a bit confusing) that Eszter has won the 24 hours of Moab on her Waltworks 29er, and is thus US National Champion!

If I’m reading it right, she lapped the field and got to quit riding at 9:30, too, which had to be pretty nice. She did 13 laps! Wow!

Hopefully I’ll have a story and some pictures in the next few days.

As for me, I’m still sick, but I’m well enough to do a little bit of work in the freezing cold today. Joy. Nothing like blowing snot rockets on the concrete and watching them freeze, instead of racing your bike in 70 degree weather in Moab.

I promise that will be the end of my whining, at least about my current illness.