October 16, 2009

This one goes to 11

Or, well, 7. But still, not bad. Today I put an XT cassette on the lathe, and when I was done, I had something freakin’ awesome – a 1×7 drivetrain. That’s right. 7 gears on a singlespeed hub – 15-34 (you could do 13 or 14-34 too if you wanted to). I rode Doudy Draw and Springbrook on the setup this morning and it works really, really well. Psyched to be out on the bike, even if I was still coughing a bit.

For those who are curious, I’m on the geeking-out binge for 3 reasons:
-I sold my singlespeed to Chris, so this is my only bike right now.
-The only decent rear wheel (that will work tubeless) I own currently is this one, and it’s got a singlespeed hub.
-I’ve been too sick to ride or work and had nothing better to do than think of stupid bike ideas.
Other notes:
-With the SRAM derailleur, a longer limit screw and some derailleur cage grinding is necessary to get all the gears to work. I hear that this isn’t a problem with Shimano derailleurs, but I don’t have one of those.
-Yes, I’ll be happy to modify a cassette for you if you want. For a reasonable fee. Just drop me a line.