October 8, 2009

TV Time!

I’m generally one of those smug “kill your TV” asshats, except that I just watch my TV on Hulu while I ride the trainer, which makes it ok.

And I’m so sick that I pretty much did nothing but watch TV on the computer today. I tried briefly to do work, but I found that extended (say, 40 seconds) standing makes me dizzy. So don’t expect much framebuilding or blogging progress in the next few days.

Random thoughts:
-Fist of the North Star is just as bad as I remember from high school.
-The new Stargate Universe show is pretty much a straight ripoff of Battlestar Galactica, but then again it’s made by pretty much the same people. Also, why couldn’t they use the camera drone thing to shut the shuttle door? For crying out loud, they’re supposed to be smart!
-John Stewart is funny, but I was pretty disappointed that Sarah Vowell, who’s a great author, was a terrible interview.

Those are my thoughts on pop culture for the day. Expect another such update in, say, 5 years.