January 26, 2010

The Beast…rides

It’s done. Finally. Total investment: about $200 (tubular tires are darn pricey).

The build, for those who care:
-WW frame (orphan tubes), WW fork (unicrown crappiness, but it was cheap and easy)
-Thomson post and stem, natch.
-Orphan headset, square taper BB.
-Super craptacular $40 square taper track cranks. I’m running 46×15, for those who care.
-Fancy tubular wheels courtesy of NoWork.
-Tufo tubulars from BTI, along with $15 on-sale white bars (god, those look terrible)
-Sweet extra light saddle (Flite with no cover) I found in a box. Yeah, that will probably have to get replaced with something I can actually sit on.

I’m hoping to do my grand debut at the track later this week… gotta get Nowork to coach me.