February 9, 2010

The beast… actually rides. At the actual Velodrome.

Went for a 2 hour session with Nick and Redcoat this afternoon (if by “rode with” you mean “was repeatedly lapped by and laughed at”). Wow, I suck. But wow, my bike rocks (at least for me). It might look like a ladder with wheels, and I might be sitting up a foot higher than everyone else there, but it’s fast and comfortable and stiff enough for the 4.2 watts my stick legs can put out. A+.

A 2 hour session completely wiped me. I am going to be very sore, but I think this is perfect training for the Boulder short-track series (which is my “goal” for the season this year).

I wish someone had taken pictures of my bronzed, olympian form racing around the track, but the doppler correction on Nick’s Iphone was on the fritz. Heh.