March 19, 2010

Beating my head against the wall

…the 1:30 Kilo wall, that is. Apparently my 1:27 last month was actually *beginner’s luck*. Scary. So long story short, I think Miguel and I officially established that we suck today. My dreams of a 1:20 Kilo with just some extra technique and practice are officially consigned to the dustbin – I will need to make some serious efforts to get faster to manage it.

And on the bike building front, I’m beating my head against the parts wall – seems everything is out of stock this time of year, as manufacturers rush to get bikes on the showroom floor for the spring season. Of course, I’m not in a position to buy 1000 sets of Ultegra, so I have to scramble around with 4 or 5 different suppliers to get what I need for customers – and right now, even that’s not enough. Steve’s frame has been done for almost 2 weeks, and I ordered most of his parts almost a month ago – but we’re still at least 2 weeks out from having everything in the mail, because *everything* is taking forever to get.

Sigh. Whine. It’s friday, go have some fun. We have a big wet dump of snow, so maybe I’ll go suffer at the track again tomorrow. 1:25?