March 16, 2010

One of the worst photos yet, and what’s coming soon

First, for long-suffering Gary, here’s a quick and godawful shot of your fluxy frame and fork about to be delivered to the powdercoater. This is a do-it-all 29er with fender/rack/rohloff/kitchen sink capabilities, which is why it’s *covered* with brazeons, bosses, and flux. Must be half a pound of brazeons on that darn thing!

Anyway, the blog has sucked for the last week or so, but I have a couple of good excuses (one, that I was really sick, and two… well, you’ll have to wait a bit to find out). But there is cool stuff coming, trust me – to whit:

-I’m starting work (and will do some fairly extensive documenting of it here) tomorrow on Tony’s freeride-esque 29er. Big deal, you say… well, it’ll have a 4″ travel Joplin adjustable height seatpost, a tapering steerer fork/headset/headtube for ultra-stiffness (not to mention the 45mm downtube), an 83mm BB shell, and lots of other odd goodies. Should be a worthwhile project for you geeks to check out during the building process, as well as a great ride when it’s done.

-I’ll be doing a cool semi-lugged crown through axle rigid fork for Adrian (every time I type that, I want to half-close my eyes and shout “Adrian” in a thick Philly accent…) in New England, which should be pretty neat. I’ll try to get photos of that up as well.

-I will attempt to break my smoking-fast 1:27 Kilo record. Probably on Friday when it starts snowing again and our dreams of riding singletrack in the next 2 months are crushed yet again under the jackboots of old man Winter.

-I’ll probably post a recipe to make Carolynn happy and piss off every other reader of the blog. 😛