May 28, 2010

Matt’s fork again, T-shirt news

First off, you may remember some of the construction shots of Matt’s neat lugged fork. Here’s the finished product, installed and ready to ride. Thanks for the pic, Matt!

A few people have asked me about doing this style of crown for them, and I’m happy to, but it’s quite a bit of extra work (at least an hour) so I’m going to charge an extra $50 for the lugs, if you want them. And yes, I can put them onto a tapering blade fork if you’d like.

Second, the t-shirt and casual clothing (as well as jersey) situation has kinda sucked for a while now. The T6 guys, bless their hearts, are just too busy to deal with WW stuff, so the local boys (Jeff lives less than half a mile from me) at Alchemist are going to take over t-shirts. I’m hoping we’ll have them available in a few months. In the meantime, I have some XL green shirts and XL hoodies available, but basically nothing else.