May 31, 2010

On a lighter note…

I am back at the house taking care of Pele for a few minutes and reading some email – got this (name delete for privacy) and it made me laugh. For context, the fellow wanted a disc-specific, threaded steerer fork specifically to match his wife’s “custom” cruiser bike, to be shipped abroad:

You are joking right ……………300 bucks for a fork ………..I don’t have that much money in the whole build and i built me own wheels with a sram Imotion 9speed hub what are you smoking ???? for that money i will buy the feng shui jig and install a mount on my existing fork my self and then sell the jig again what is your fork made of unobtainium i will thank you for taking the time to reply to my email but that’s all

Then, best of all, he felt the need to follow up his semi-incoherent email with this second one:

sorry i meant to say Phrunt Shui disc tab jig

Great stuff. Thanks for the smile, dude, I needed it today.