May 21, 2010

What I’ve been doing all week/Tony’s bike pt. 2

Remember part 1? Well, what with necessity being the mother of invention, while waiting for the head tube stock to finish Tony’s frame, I designed and built Sarah’s new FS rig – and some of the ideas I used on that bike seemed perfect for Tony’s.

Problem was, I had already gotten past the point of no return with the build. Solution?

Start over from scratch. Ouch – probably 8-10 design and work hours down the tubes. C’est la vie – I want Tony to be psyched, not second-guessing the geometry. Plus he wanted lots of travel (5″) and standover (this should be around 29″). Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and toss some hard work in the scrap bin.

Anyway, here are a few build shots. More to come as things come together. Note the GIGANTIC supertherm 44mm downtube, 44mm/taper headtube, Joplin-friendly/kinked seat tube, and 83mm BB shell. I think the frame will actually be around 7.5#, too, which is fairly amazing given the incredible overbuilding I’m doing (Tony broke his last bike).