June 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Chris Mueller

Edit: If you’d like to help out (or just express your support) you can email the Red Lion at: info@redlionrestaurant.com

For background, please read the DC article here.

An Open Letter to Chris Mueller –

Chris –

As a Boulder resident of more than a decade, I’ve both eaten at your restaurant (which is great) and ridden my bike past on Canyon drive on my way to various destinations. I’ve always wished I could ride or hike the old road through your property to the top of Flagstaff mountain – what a fantastic route!

So here’s my proposal:
-Open your section of the road to the (nonmotorized) public in perpetuity.
-Offer Boulder County an easement to allow the Creek Path to be extended to your restaurant.

In exchange, I’ll pay $1000 worth of the cost of a new (better designed) bridge. I am willing to bet we can easily find another 49 individuals (not to mention local businesses) to contribute. You’ll get a free bridge AND a steady stream of couples and families able to access your restaurant without ever getting into a car, by making a short and scenic ride up the Boulder canyon bike path. Hikers and bike riders returning from the top of Flagstaff would probably love a cold beer, too.

This is a great opportunity for both you and the community. Let’s not let it go to waste!

-Walt Wehner, owner
Waltworks Custom Bicycles