July 27, 2010

Random discombobulation

This post has no theme. None. You’ve been warned.

-First up, for all the framebuilders (amateur or pro) out there – I’m offering a service for those folks who don’t want to spend big $ on lots of tooling for the new 44mm headtube standard. See details here.

-Rode the lower loop at Marshall Mesa (made famous by Paco during his Velonews 29er test) in 11:55 during 94 degree heat yesterday. I was pretty happy with that, given that I haven’t been riding enough, all the gates were closed, and that I was carrying a 15 pound camelbak. But when I got home, my entire upper body was starting to flush – I had to jump in a cold shower to avoid heatstroke. Maybe I should have actually drunk some of the water in that camelbak…doh.

-Got an unexpected (sort of) compliment from a customer who stopped by to have me add a disc tab to his old Kona. He said “I thought you were older”. When pressed, he claimed he formed this impression based on my blog entries. Do I really write like a grumpy 65 year old? I don’t think so, but I guess maybe unless you use texting talk all the time, U R old thz daz.