August 5, 2010

Brad’s 36er fork

Just some early shots to check out. Very rough stuff here, no mill scale (the grey stuff they spray on the tubes to keep them from rusting at the mill) cleaned up, even.

This will run a Paul 135mm front hub – so in order to clear the disc rotor, it ends up having a REALLY wide crown. Snow fork type clearances, but there’s really not a good way around it with the disc.

For what it’s worth, as an aside, if the rims were a little better, I’d almost do rim brakes on a 36er, just to simplify things a bit. But we’re going disc, so that’s that.

I cut the lugs on the mill/chop saw, then clean them up a bit and slide them on to get everything fit up. Next step will be to clean everything (boooooring!) and then start welding. I’m waiting on some feedback from Brad about the tres-weird look first, though. Believe it or not, I’ll be doing *another* 36er soon… seems like a trend!