August 4, 2010


So this day is sucking. I didn’t sleep well, tweaked my neck somehow and can’t look to the right, found out that I screwed up Kyle’s long-awaited frame (that spent 2 months at the powdercoater!) because I forgot to put some bottle bosses in the correct place, Nova shipped me the wrong downtube (so Brian’s frame is even MORE delayed), and as a final insult, the USPS site got all screwy and it just took me almost half an hour to print a shipping label…


But thanks to Mike, I’m wearing my new attitude. And thanks to the terrifying display at our local King Soopers (that’s the supermarket chain here, equivalent to Vons or Safeway or whatever) I know how to approach my problems! Remember, Walt, let’s make this bike OZ-some!

Good lord I’m glad I don’t work there.