October 28, 2010

Fresh tracks

We tried to steal a “last Ned ride” (typically this is a joke, since there are 10 or so “last” rides before the snow actually falls) today – and succeeded.

I finally built up (post about it tomorrow) my new singlespeed with the silly short 16.5″ chainstays, and I have to say… I was sliding all over the trail! Barely in control the whole time! I’d try to stand up and put some power down and the rear wheel would just slide out – it was awful! Sometimes I rode right off the trail and didn’t even realize it…

Of course, there was 4 or 5 inches of snow.

Pictures of the bike and a brief ride report tomorrow after I ride some dry trails on it. I can already say I wish I’d built it for 100mm travel instead of 80. Doh. But it’s darn fun anyway.