November 10, 2010

Couple random shots for Eric

I’ve taken to turning down the bottom portion (where the TT and seatstays join) of my seat tube sleeves on the lathe. This is mostly because it’s a PITA to get the mill scale off the tubing, and the lathe can do it for me while I do something else. It probably also saves 2.4 grams or something. Whoopdee doo.

This will be a road/cross/tour bike, with disc brakes and some light rack capability, as well as clearance for pretty big (35) tires and fenders. Sort of a Swiss Army Knife setup. I’m a HUGE fan of the Paragon low-mount disc dropouts for this kind of bike – they keep the brake caliper out of the way of your rack really well. Plus they are just cool.

In other news, I rode a 1:27.3 Kilo today. That’s .2 seconds faster than my old record. Must be the new fork. Humorously, I wasn’t looking where i was going when starting my sprint on the apron and almost hit Nowork’s bike. I think I can hit 1:25 just by improving my godawful starts…1:20, though will take some actual power improvements. It would be interesting to ride on an actual 250m (or longer) track (maybe even one that isn’t plywood) to see if I was faster. I have a really hard time holding the black line in the turns (and you have to do 16 turns on our mighty 126m track).