November 20, 2010

Weekend quick tip

So my pal Pisgahproductions doesn’t like zipties (commie!) We found what we *thought* was a good solution – run full length housing (or a hose, if anyone ever makes a hydraulic brifter) for his rear brake through some little double loop eyelets, like you’d find on an old-school road bike.

Problem is, the eyelets turned out to be too big, so the housing was going to bounce around like crazy. On a whim, I mentioned that we could use the conventional ziptie guides and that he could use safety wire instead. I used to safety wire my dirtbike grips on to keep them from coming loose (inexplicably, no moto people had figured out to use lock-on style grips at that time), and it works well for pretty much anything.

I thought this was something everyone knew about – I used to attach all kinds of things that were in danger of coming loose with safety wire. But apparently it’s not commonly used on bikes, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, that’s your weekend tip – safety wire rocks. And no, you don’t *need* to have the special pliers, it’s just nice if you’re doing a lot of wiring. For a bike, use do it with some needle-nose. Remember to wear some safety goggles when you clip the ends!