December 10, 2010

Damn you, Brad!

I saw the new Nova 31.8mm plug-in dropouts (I think Everest makes them?) and made the mistake of pointing out to Brad that they’d be perfect for his new 36er fork.

What I didn’t realize is that the dropouts are so offset from the back side of the fork blades that no conventional disc tab will work. I futzed with making one from scratch from some 1/4″ plate, then eventually decided that the franken-tab was the way to go. That’s gotta be the longest I’ve *ever* worked on a disc tab. Good lord.

A monument to my lack of aesthetic sense, but it’ll let Brad stop.

Oh, and for the framebuilders out there, these suckers are inexplicably ~10.5mm axle slots, rather than the standard ~9.5 or so. In this case, that’s perfect (Brad’s going to be using a 10mm axle) but it would be a bit weird with a standard 9mm setup.