December 2, 2010

John’s DH bike – almost there

With apologies to Tropic Thunder, this is a case when going full retard is absolutely justified.

In other words, this is a bike intended for doing things that are basically stupid.

-29″ wheels, 6″ travel, room for 2.5s.
-Supertherm top/downtubes and a big 44mm head tube for a tapered steerer.
-Nice 44.5cm chainstays/112cm wheelbase.
-Mounts for ISCG/Hammerschmidt and a direct mount front derailleur if needed.
-68 degree HTA
-29.5″ standover
-A nice solid 8 pounds, give or take, with the shock (this thing is deliberately overbuilt, it’s certainly possible to make a “freeride” or long-travel XC bike much lighter, but we wanted John to be able to fall off cliffs).

She’s almost done, I just have to do some cable stops and final checks, then off to the powdercoater in a few days.

The second pic, btw, is of the direct mount FD mount before I brazed it in. The seat tube here is so offset that I have to make the mount in 2 pieces, then braze it all together (and to the frame) with brass. The direct mount jig is just an old piece of aluminum plate with a few holes drilled (and some offset machined in at the bottom bracket). As you can see, it’s been used and abused – I’m sure this was a piece of scrap I picked up somewhere, though I don’t remember for sure.