January 18, 2011

200# of steel…

I found a couple of these old steel carts on Craigslist and bought ’em for a song – planning to make some shelves for them and use them for extra storage (I need it badly) in the shop.

They must each weigh 200# – I could barely unload them from the truck, and I’m not a complete sissy. Once they’re together and on their wheels, they move suprisingly easily – which isn’t too surprising, given that they were built to be filled with cases of soda (how they got from the Pepsi distributor to me, I have no idea) and rolled around a warehouse.

Also, a few people asked about the fork going on Mike’s snow bike, and so I took a quick picture. Ginormous tire clearance, rack mounts, disc only, etc. Nothing super exciting – but it should be good for it’s intended purpose. Last winter I built about a billion of these on contract for a small company (well, ok, maybe 40 or 50) and building this one made me flash back, just a bit, to the monotony, since it’s pretty similar.