January 12, 2011

Sick day, and Blair’s new frame

I have contracted some variety of Creeping Crud and will be doing mostly computer work today, just FYI. Hopefully it will pass quickly. I’m not all that bummed, since it’s like 10 degrees out, but I’m missing my track session with Nowork too.

Also, here’s Blair’s new frame. He’s a strong early contender for the 2011 Kitchen Sink award, given to any bike with a ridiculous number of features. In this case: Drop bar 29er/monstercross configuration (1 point), direct mount front derailleur (1 point), full length cable housing for all 3 cables (1 point), S&S couplers (1 point), Paragon sliders with derailleur hanger (1 point), and rack mounts (1 point) for a grand total of 5.

That will be hard to beat, folks. He’d need a tapered steerer fork, integrated steering damper mount, guides for a Joplin, rear maxle, and multiple bottle openers to *really* guarantee victory, but this is a pretty decent effort.