April 17, 2011

Almost done with Jorah’s frame – a few pictures

I stayed up until 1am building myself a rigid fork (long story, I managed to end up with no combination of fork/wheel that would work and had to build something) to go for a ride today, got up and managed to turn my legs for 7 hours (man, I’m beat!) and now I’m getting Jorah’s frame finished up.

Numbers for the curious and/or bored
-5″ front and rear travel.
-Tapered steerer.
-20.5″ seat tube, 24.4″ toptube, very slack 71 degree seat angle (Jorah has HUGE long legs). 71 head tube too (though it’ll be a bit slacker with a rider on the bike, depending on sag).
-13.9″ BB height.
-45cm chainstays.