April 21, 2011

Moving along

I’m working a little slowly this week because I lost Monday (procrastinator!) to taxes, then lost part of today as well (quarterly Colorado sales taxes are due on 4/20, bro!)

But things are moving along. If Hassan the greasy, squinty statistician would bother to answer his email every once in a while, I could probably even build his frame… I’m doing a couple of forks in the meantime.

In other news, I feel a bit better about riding rigid, after a humiliating crash on Saturday. Lack of sleep + a year or so of riding bikes with suspension + overconfidence = big scabby knee and bruised ego. My friend Matt calls rigid singlespeed bikes “fun haters” and I was definitely agreeing with him for a while there. After a second ride (and a bit less tire pressure) I feel better about myself, but I’ll definitely keep the suspension fork around.